Those children that work exceptionally well and produce some fantastic work, may have the opportunity to win the ‘Learner of the week’ award.

This award allows them to participate in an exciting local school partnership that has been set-up with Skegness Aquarium.

At the Aquarium, children get the chance to explore the wonders of the ocean as well as taking part in fun activities that educate about methods everyone can use to help protect the underwater eco system through waste management and recycling. 

We are very pleased to announce that we have received very good feedback about our Seathorne ambassadors from the Skegness Aquarium. The Aquarium mentioned especially about our children’s superb behaviour and attentiveness to all of the staff and public using the facilities. 


Children that show outstanding gestures of kindness towards their friend’s, or act as positive behaviour role models to the rest of the school may have the opportunity to win the ‘Citizen of the week’ award. 

This award allows them to create some delicious baked treats (that get taken home for the whole family to enjoy!) with the help of our very own, extremely talented Mrs A. Bardovskis .