Our Pupils

Student Leadership Team 2016-2017


Head Girl: Harriet

Deputy: Abigail

Head Boy: George 

Deputy: James 


Waddington - 
“Your Faith and Freedom”
Coningsby - 
“Loyalty Binds Me”
“Nurture your Dreams”
Scampton - 
“Éclat - Striving for Excellence”
Connor Mason  Megan  Larry 
Scarlett  Rhys Dakota Elisha
Tilly  Leah Rubi Dylan
Corben Leona Courtney Olivia


We are proud of our pupils and the wonderful way they represent Seathorne Primary. Below you can read some of the letters and emails we have received about them.

"polite, friendly and cheerful"

Dear Mrs Cherry,
I wish to write and congratulate the staff of Seathorne Primary School in how they care and nurture the pupils.

Since leaving Seathorne I have seen many of the children out and about in Skegness and they have all been so polite, friendly and cheerful; notably Roo for having amazing spirit and confidence to knock on my door and get my teenage son out of bed before 9 o'clock on a weekend, to play football on the green; Josh with his cheeky smile, wave and a quiet "Hi Mrs Sharpe", Harvey with his beaming smile and look of surprise when I opened my door on Halloween! And only this week when I took my son to his first boxing training session, Marshall came into the gym, saw me, grinned cheekily and said "Hi Miss Sharpe, we miss you at Seathorne"! Well done Seathorne and well done children.

Kind Regards and best wishes,
Jo Sharpe



"A credit to The School!"

After our Christingle service in December we were delighted to receive the following email from the Church Warden, Tom Hedges:

Dear Mrs Cherry

On behalf of myself, John Foreman, Church Warden and Organist and Linda Allaway, Reader, I would like to thank all the staff and children who attended The Christingle Service on Friday for making it a really special occasion.

I must single out Mr Barker for all the hard work he had obviously put in to make the service run smoothly.

However the biggest thank you should go to the year 4 pupils who did a splendid job and were so well behaved. They are a credit to The School, their parents and especially to themselves.

I was most taken with the enthusiasm and happy enquiring questions after the service, when we relaxed with refreshments and had several very interesting discussions with various pupils, who were all charming. 

We all loved the occasion and wish to extend our warm welcome to any other activities that help in the children's education, be it special services or history projects.

I know that Mrs Allaway visits the school regularly and that we have hosted you in the past but I just want to emphasize how much I enjoyed the day and will support anything else you wish to do.

You may like to read this email to the whole school as year 4 and the staff were great.

Yours in Christ

Tom Hedges
Church Warden