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Welcome from Mrs O'Brien, Mrs Cummings, Mrs Noden and all the children in Hawks class.

Well Done

Our Greatest Reader of the Week

Well Done

Our Learner of the Week

Key Notices

  • Please can you ensure your child has a named water bottlein school everyday. Your child can keep their water bottle within the classroom so they can have access to it at regular intervals. There will also be cups available for those children who do not have water bottles. Please note, only water can be drank during the school day. Fruit juice or flavoured squash are only allowed at dinner time.
  • Please can you ensure your child has a healthy snack at break time, which can be left in your child's locker or tray. 
  • Please ensure that your child as their full P.E kit in school every day, as we are hoping to have some additional sessions in the afternoons.
  • Please could children hand in at least one piece of homework each week. 



  • Black or grey trousers (No jeans please) 
  • White polo shirt 
  • Green jumper 
  • Grey or black shoes (No trainers please) 


  • Grey or green dress. 
  • Black or grey trousers (No jeans please) 
  • Black or grey skirt. 
  • White blouse or polo shirt. 
  • Green jumper or cardigan. 
  • Flat grey or black shoes (No trainers please) 
  • Plain green or black head bands and bobbles. 

Children should not be wearing jewellery at school. 

PE Kit 

Inside - Plain t-shirt, dark shorts and plimsolls.
Outside - Plain track suit or trainers. 
If your child wears earrings please ensure they can either remove them independently or that they do not wear them to school on PE days. This term our PE is on a Tuesday.

What are my child next steps? How can I help my child?

If you find you have 5 minutes spare and you and your child would like to practise their Math, English, Reading, Science, Topic or Handwriting, here are a few activities for you to try...

  • Arts and crafts, building models, play dough creations, baking, Lego, making head jewelry all help to develop fine motor skills and are fun! Although sometimes can be messy!
  • Joined up handwriting on lined paper. Can they write a joke or a funny story to make you laugh? Challenge them to use their joined up writing to make you laugh, make you smile, tell you a story, describe their favourite place etc
  • Maths problems. When you go shopping ask them to work out how many buns you will need. Can they prove their workings out? Ask them how more houses you have to walk past before you get to number 34. Can they explain how they found the answer? If I've got 16 marbles and we share them how much would we get each? What operation did they use? Lots of little 2 minutes questions can help your child's problem solving!
  • Challenge each other. If your child gives you a problem e.g. 56 + 25 = ? and you give your child a problem, who can get their answer correct first?
  • Games! There are lots of free math and English games that you can play on the computer and the iPad. Try a few out and see who wins...
  • GPS ... grammar, punctuation and spelling ... Can your chin explain how to use a full stop, a question mark, an exclamation mark? Can you you give them a challenge to write a question in under 1 minute?
  • English. Seen something disgusting? Funny? Beautiful? Can you and your child think of the best adjectives and adverbs to describe it? Who can come up with the best? Now can they put them in a sentence?


Reading Homework

We would encourage children to read to an adult at home every night for a minimum of 10 minutes.

The children will have a reading diary, which adults can comment in when they hear their child read.

Children themselves, or older siblings, can also record the pages that they have read to in this diary.

Please also record any other books that your child reads, including books not sent home by school. 

Literacy and Numeracy Homework

Homework this year will be sent home in a 'Homework Notebook' and children can choose which order they complete the challenges in.

The homework will be a series of Topic related tasks that the children can research and complete based on their interests.

Children will receive gems for each piece of homework they complete.

1 task per week = 2 gems and 2 tasks per week = 5 gems.

Copies of the homework challenges are also published online for parents to view.

You are encouraged to work with the children on these activities, which support the term's learning in class. It is important to let the children produce their own answers, but you can talk to them about how they should get there. 

Please could children hand in at least one piece of homework each week.