Our Curriculum

Excellence and Enjoyment

At Seathorne, the staff have put much time and effort into designing a curriculum that will engage and provide enjoyment and enable Seathorne children to make the best possible progress.  This will continue to develop in the future.  We believe that children learn much better when they are motivated through interest and excitement.

While the National Curriculum is written as single subjects children find things more relevant and are more likely be engaged when they are taught in a cross-curricular way. This simply means that, for example reading skills (English) are developed through a piece of writing on Vikings (History).

Teachers are constantly looking for these opportunities and subject topics are organised in such a way as to encourage these links.

Most children learn best by enjoying first hand-experiences, even when they have progressed way beyond the Reception class. An example of how this can be organised is through trips or visits from guest speakers.

The curriculum for each subject is based on a progression of key skills that children need to acquire to improve.

National Curriculum

We use the National Curriculum 2014 as a framework for learning. 

Go to the Gov.UK website to find out more about the National Curriculum.

Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Foundation Stage is the first part of the National Curriculum and focuses on the distinct needs of children aged 3 to the end of the reception year.

For our youngest children the work is planned in six areas:

  1. Personal Social and Emotional Development
  2. Communication Language and Literacy
  3. Mathematical Development
  4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  5. Physical Development
  6. Creative Development

Each learning area has learning goals. These set out the skills, understanding and attitudes which it is hoped they will reach or exceed by the end of the Foundation Stage although individuals will be at different stages of progress towards these goals depending upon their age and stage of development.