Our English genres revolve around our topic for the term in each Key Stage and uses a lot of Visual Literacy and the Active English grammar cards. For instance, KS2 recently had a topic of Changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, which allowed children to watch “The Croods” and write setting and character descriptions, diary entries and non-chronological reports on the animals around in these Ages among other cross-curricular topics. 

We learn about, revise and practise writing a new genre each week (although, some genres may take longer than one week); focussing mainly on the writing and grammar skills needed. Once a week, children are given the chance to write independently in THE BIG WRITE after a class planning session, before editing and improving it the following day.


We believe that children should take pride in their work. Emphasis is placed on accuracy and fluency and children join their letters when they show maturity and consistency. This can be at different ages for different children. Children practise their writing in their learning journals or handwriting books (depending on the age of your child) at least twice a week.